Early Orthodontic Treatment and Why It’s Important

Early Orthodontic Care

Some children need help to ensure that their permanent teeth grow correctly. Not all children need this help, but treating orthodontic concerns early on can reduce the risk of crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps. This kind of treatment can begin as early as seven years old. Addressing these concerns earlier can help your child […]

How Dental Anesthesia Has Evolved Through History

Historical picture of dental anesthesia

Improving anesthesia options has been an essential focus of dental medicine since we pulled our first tooth thousands of years ago. We have records of anesthesia going back thousands of years. Likely, our quest for a way to ease the pain of dental treatment started long before this. The earliest records of anesthesia can be […]

What Is The Ideal Treatment For Your Concerns?

Ideal Dentistry

In ages past, dentistry was a relatively simple profession. Most practices focused on drilling out the decay and filling the resulting hole. Cosmetic dentistry wasn’t highly available, and where it was, it wasn’t in particularly high demand. This was partly due to the high cost of the cosmetic procedures available, with only the rich being […]

The Role Of Your Dentist’s Tools In Your Care

Dental Microscope

Being able to eat the foods you love is just one important part of having healthy teeth. They also play a significant role in the shape of your face, how clearly you speak, and the first impressions others have of you. Keeping them healthy requires consistent oral hygiene care with twice daily brushing, mouthwash, and […]

Understanding Why Dentists Choose Solo vs. Group Dental Clinics

Group Practice

Your dentist faces many hurdles when deciding how to join the dental industry. One of the most significant involved was what kind of practice they wanted to be. Solo practices bear the burden of purchasing all the necessary equipment to operate their facility. However, they are also known for having a more personalized approach to […]

Artificial Intelligence In the Dental Office

Digital Technology

Preparing to perform a dental treatment requires the dentist to be familiar with the most minute details of your case. Intraoral scans, radiography, and facial scans provide essential information about oral health. The dentist can miss certain details with so much information presented to them. Dental-focused AI Imaging software has been developed to help ensure […]

What Does It Mean For Toothpaste To Be Natural?

Natural Toothpaste

There are an enormous number of options for toothpaste out there. Each of them boasts its benefits that set them apart from the crowd. Recently there’s been a rising interest in those brands that call themselves “natural” toothpaste. This has led to patients wondering whether these are safe and effective for their oral health. Further, […]

Understanding Periodontal Disease, Its Risks, and Treatments

Bleeding Gums

With over 65 million adults battling periodontal disease, it’s one of America’s most common health concerns. Periodontal disease comes in two distinct stages, periodontitis and gingivitis. Each refers to a condition where bacteria accumulate along the gum line. Periodontitis is the more severe of the two conditions and poses serious risks to the gums, teeth, […]

Common Cosmetic Options And How They Help Your Smile

Dental Bonding

Do you cringe every time you look in the mirror and smile? Do you wish your teeth could be improved and to be able to smile proudly again? You’re in good company. Approximately 1 out of every 3 Americans report dissatisfaction with their teeth. This makes cosmetic dentistry the second most requested form of dental […]

Can Children Safely Receive Sedation And Anesthesia?

Sedation Dentistry

Children will often need sedation or anesthesia when experiencing significant dental pain from infection or dental trauma. Your dentist aims to provide the most comfortable experience for your child when treating concerns such as these. Receiving sedation or anesthesia will help control their discomfort during the procedure and help keep them calm. While many use […]