Navigating the World of Oral Care Tools: Your Guide to the Right Choices

Oral health is a critical component of overall well-being, and the tools you use play a significant role in maintaining it. In Rockhill, SC, Dr. Hugh Brad Dickey and his team at Dickey Dental understand the importance of selecting the proper oral care tools. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the process, ensuring you make […]

Tongue Cleaning: A Key Player in Your Oral Hygiene Regimen

Oral health is a critical aspect of overall wellness, and at Dickey Dental in Rockhill, SC, Dr. Hugh Brad Dickey emphasizes a comprehensive approach. While most people focus on teeth and gums, the tongue is another crucial player in maintaining oral health. Tongue cleaning, often overshadowed, is a simple yet effective practice with far-reaching benefits. […]

Mastering the Art of Teeth Brushing and Flossing: A Comprehensive Guide by Dickey Dental

Good oral hygiene is more than just a daily routine; it’s the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. In Rockhill, SC, Dr. Hugh Brad Dickey and his team at Dickey Dental prioritize educating patients on proper teeth brushing and flossing techniques. This comprehensive guide delves into the nuances of these essential practices, helping you maintain a […]

5 Reasons Your Teeth May Be More Sensitive in Winter

Woman Experiencing Sensitive Teeth During Winter

As the charm of winter envelopes Rock Hill, SC, many eagerly await the joys of the season – snowfall, holiday festivities, and cozy nights by the fire. But, for some, the cold months also herald an unexpected dental woe: heightened tooth sensitivity. With Dickey Dental’s commitment to exceptional dental care, spearheaded by Dr. Hugh Brad […]

Pediatric Dental Trauma: Recognizing and Addressing Injuries

Dental Trauma

Every parent’s nightmare is seeing their child in pain; dental injuries can be particularly distressing. With their boundless energy and curiosity, children often find themselves in situations where a dental accident can occur. Whether it’s a fall on the playground or a collision during a sports game, being prepared and knowing how to respond can […]

Orthodontics: Straightening Teeth and Curtailing Gum Disease


Orthodontics has always been synonymous with achieving that picture-perfect smile. But did you know it plays a crucial role beyond just aesthetics? Misaligned teeth can be a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to gum disease if not addressed timely. Fortunately, with the expertise of professionals like Dr. Hugh Brad Dickey at Dickey Dental in Rock […]

Oral Health Can Directly Influence Organ Transplant Success Rates

organ transplant

Medical science has shown that our body is an interconnected system, with the health of any part influencing and being influenced by others. Until recently, things like our oral health were considered unconnected to other health problems or considerations. While the idea of each medical concern being isolated has been overturned, we’re still learning how […]

Dentinogenesis Imperfecta: Its Origins and Treatment Options

Decayed enamel from dentinogenesis imperfecta

Various factors impact our oral health, including our diet, environment, and genetics. Thankfully, most of these influences can be addressed through consistent adherence to a complete dental hygiene routine and making smart choices regarding food and drink. We can also avoid certain vices impacting our oral health, such as tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption. […]

Diagnosing and Identifying Oral Lichen Planus

Oral Lichen Planus Symptoms

We all know the fundamentals of maintaining our oral health. Brush and floss twice daily, rinse with mouthwash and visit the dentist regularly. These steps are generally enough to keep our smile looking and feeling great when done consistently and well. For some patients, oral health conditions make it necessary to take additional steps to […]

How Salivary Gland Disorders Impact Your Smile

Dry mouth from salivary gland disorder

We make important first impressions with our smiles every day. Anytime we meet someone professionally, casually, or romantically, it impacts our interactions. Research has shown that the state of our smile can impact our success in careers and relationships. Thankfully, maintaining a healthy smile is easy with regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash use. At least, […]