What Should I Do If My Molar Broke Off at the Gum Line?

Person with Broken Molar Near Gumline

An urgent dental situation is a broken molar since it might cause extreme pain, minor chipping, and fractures. Therefore, see a dentist immediately if a molar has broken off at or below your gum line. Broken teeth are more prone to decay and infection because they lack the protective enamel shielding healthy teeth’ nerves and […]

Where Do These Pimples On The Tongue Come From?

Tongue Pimple

You aren’t alone if you’ve ever felt a hard bump on your tongue and discovered that it looks quite a bit like a pimple. However, since actual pimples require a collection of dirt and oil to collect in pores, you can rest easy it’s not a pimple. There are numerous reasons that these hard bumps […]

Learning How To Care For Your Braces During Orthodontic Care

Braces Cleaning Process

Orthodontics has been an aspect of the dental experience for over a century. The most well-known form of orthodontic appliance is traditional braces. Despite the rise of clear aligners and other orthodontic care options, traditional braces remain essential in dental care. While thousands of people can benefit from clear aligners, some treatments can only be […]

How Women’s Dental Health Concerns Differ

Happy Woman

Things change daily, probably more than once in a single 24-hour span. Our bodies do alter as we age, though more gradually. Your dentist wants you to be conscious that while men and women experience various phases and transitions throughout their lifetimes, women’s hormonal changes can impact both general and oral health. What Makes Women’s […]

Achieving Better Oral Health With Family Dentistry

Family Brushing Their Teeth Together

The most frequent dental health issues can either be prevented or treated by family dentistry specialists before they worsen. Your smile may be in danger due to many dental health issues. You could be at risk of experiencing pain or losing teeth. Most people know brushing and flossing is the best way to maintain oral […]

How Women’s Dental Health Concerns Differ

Woman with tooth pain

Everyone has teeth, but not everyone’s health conditions are the same. Men and women have biological differences that contribute to their dental health. Women, in particular, face unique challenges requiring a different focus on their oral health. If you go to a dentist, they’ll most likely have factored in those differences. Still, as dentists, we’re […]

How To Know What Braces Are Best For You


When scrolling through pictures of yourself, have you ever discovered that you don’t like the appearance of your smile? Have you taken pains to untag yourself on a photo on social media because you’re embarrassed by how you look in it? Nearly 57% of all Americans have expressed feelings of self-consciousness about their smile, according […]

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Annual Dental Cleaning

Man Recieving Dental Cleaning

Fear, expense, and inconvenience can put you off your bi-annual dental exam. But skipping these exams can increase your risk of damage from tooth loss, tooth decay, and gum disease. Visiting the dentist can be scary, expensive, and inconvenient. But it’s as important as keeping your appointments with your physician.  Bi-annual exams and daily brushing […]

Early Orthodontic Treatment and Why It’s Important

Early Orthodontic Care

Some children need help to ensure that their permanent teeth grow correctly. Not all children need this help, but treating orthodontic concerns early on can reduce the risk of crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps. This kind of treatment can begin as early as seven years old. Addressing these concerns earlier can help your child […]

How Dental Anesthesia Has Evolved Through History

Historical picture of dental anesthesia

Improving anesthesia options has been an essential focus of dental medicine since we pulled our first tooth thousands of years ago. We have records of anesthesia going back thousands of years. Likely, our quest for a way to ease the pain of dental treatment started long before this. The earliest records of anesthesia can be […]