Restoring Damage with Cosmetic Procedures

Dental Injuries

Your dentist can help repair the injuries to your teeth. Most dental offices can help repair them. This requires more involved care and the use of a more permanent solution. They can also address cosmetic work to hide the flaws and boost confidence! 

Restoring Damage with Cosmetic Procedures

Corrective dental work has many benefits for someone who wants to improve their smile. they offer teeth whitening for a more dazzling smile, and they also offer Invisalign for poorly aligned teeth. For chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth they have porcelain veneers to restore their appearance. they also offer dental bonding to assist in treating dental injuries. All of these options can lead to lasting improvements and are less invasive than other surgical procedures.

Arranging Your Cosmetic Procedure

After an analysis of the tooth, or teeth, that you want to be addressed they can move forward with improving your smile. Patients who opt for porcelain veneers will come in for an introductory appointment. Your teeth undergo measurements and preparation for the veneers. Once they’re constructed, there will be another appointment to have them put in place. Tooth bonding uses a type of composite resin as opposed to other restorations. While this is more traditional and faster, veneers can be more reliable. During the treatment, the dentist will apply the resin to the area being restored. This process hides the damage that is bothering you.

They Can Restore Damaged Teeth With Lifelike Crowns

If the injury is serious and affects your overall oral health, or if the injury affects your ability to eat, they can suggest crowns. These crowns can be made to replicate real teeth and can also improve your overall appearance. They are also beneficial because they can be used in the same way you would use your teeth. They can withstand pressure and chew. Arguably, the most important factor is that they look similar to real teeth, which can boost confidence in your smile!

Preventing Dental Injuries Before They Occur

In some cases, such as children with protruding front teeth, cosmetic procedures can be used to prevent injuries before they happen. In this case, it’s best to discuss with your dentist before any corrections are made. Protruding teeth can lead to injuries, difficulty eating, and damage to the gums. Occasionally, your dentist will suggest using braces or other orthodontic treatments to correct this problem early on. Generally, most dentists will wait until the child has their permanent teeth before setting up this kind of procedure. But the sooner your child corrects the protruding teeth, the healthier their mouth will be. 

However, regardless of the procedure, always discuss it with your dentist. Your dentist will be able to direct you in the direction of the best course of treatment for correcting cosmetic issues. They will also be able to instruct you on how best to care for injuries to your teeth. They will also be able to set up the appropriate appointments so that you can get back your smile!