How To Know What Braces Are Best For You


When scrolling through pictures of yourself, have you ever discovered that you don’t like the appearance of your smile? Have you taken pains to untag yourself on a photo on social media because you’re embarrassed by how you look in it? Nearly 57% of all Americans have expressed feelings of self-consciousness about their smile, according to a survey performed by Invisalign®. Thankfully, Dickey Dental provides treatment options that can improve the appearance of your smile and help you share it confidently again!

Find Out What Braces Can Best Improve Your Smile

The sad truth is that most of us simply don’t have a perfect smile. However, that doesn’t mean the smile we always wished we had isn’t within our reach. While orthodontic adjustments often work easiest in younger patients, there is no age limit on their ability to produce beautiful smiles. Several approaches to orthodontic care are available to the modern patient, but how do you know which one is right for you?

This is a question that can be answered using two primary points of reference:

  • Understand Your Dental And Emotional Needs: Perhaps you want to avoid letting others know you’re undergoing orthodontic care. Maybe you have budget constraints that impact your available choices. Some patients may have a smile that requires extensive correction, perhaps including a misaligned bite and crooked teeth.
  • Check The Pros Against The Cons: What aspect of straightening your smile stands out most? Each type of brace available has its own pros and cons that need to be considered.

Modern metal braces are more comfortable, effective, and faster than previous versions. Traditional braces are exceptional for handling complex issues involving the jaw and teeth. However, they also have the drawback of being very noticeable, even to the casual observer.

Ceramic braces are a variation of traditional braces that use materials that make them notably more difficult to spot by a casual observer. This material is transparent, making them more discrete. In addition to being less noticeable than metal braces, they’re often faster than clear braces. However, they are susceptible to stains that will make them more visible, and ceramic braces break more often than metal or clear aligners.

Clear aligners have been around for a while but are still the most recent addition to this list. These braces are quickly becoming the standard of orthodontic care in routine cases. They come with the benefit of being nearly invisible, can be removed by the patient for up to 2 hours a day, and are quick and effective in producing results. Their primary problem is that they can be removed and lost. Also, if they are not worn consistently, there may be delays in achieving the desired results.

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