How Laser Dentistry Is Changing The Dental Phobia Experience

Dental Laser

Regular appointments with your dentist are essential to maintaining lifelong oral health. Dental anxiety can make meeting this requirement difficult. Dental anxiety is a condition that results in those facing dental care feeling some degree of anxiety. Being a little nervous before a procedure isn’t uncommon. However, it’s more than mere nervousness in those with clinical dental anxiety. In severe cases, those with dentophobia can be nearly crippled with anxiety when the subject of dental care comes up. 

How Laser Dentistry Is Changing The Dental Phobia Experience

One of the prominent triggers for some with this condition is the sound of the standard dental rotary drill. The introduction of the modern dental laser has made it possible for some of these patients to start seeking consistent dental care again. The dental laser eliminates the high-pitched whine of the rotary drill for a gentle pulsing that many patients report as being soothing. Some with dental phobia have reported that this soft sound has helped ease some of their fear and nervousness during the procedure. It’s more than just the patient that benefits from this effect. Dentists and their assistants report that the dental experience is much more pleasant with that shrill whine eliminated from their office space.

  • Precision Dentistry – The rotary drill retained one major issue throughout its supremacy as the main tool for many dental procedures. Despite countless upgrades and improvements, it remained imprecise, requiring the removal of healthy tissue in the pursuit of eliminating decay. The arrival of the dental laser introduced a new era of dentistry. Dental lasers are incredibly precise, allowing your dental provider to eliminate decayed tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact.
  • Reduced Discomfort – The precise nature of the dental laser pairs with eliminating all vibrations to produce a nearly painless experience. Many dental procedures that previously required some degree of anesthesia or sedation can be performed without needing either.
  • Rapid Recovery – The dental laser instantly cauterizes the tissues surrounding the worksite. This means that removing undesired or diseased tissue no longer requires stitches afterward. The tissue is eliminated, and the surrounding tissue is sealed instantly. With no stitches and no bleeding, recovery times are shortened significantly.
  • Faster Procedures – All of these elements come together to result in an overall faster dental treatment experience. No need for stitches, limited need for post-treatment clean-up, and no sedation means the patient is out of the chair and back to their day in no time.

With the introduction of the dental laser, many fears of those with dental anxiety are eliminated. The procedures are faster, less painful, and don’t produce lasting effects that require significant recovery times.

Get Information About Laser Dentistry From Your Dental Provider

Dental providers are always willing to discuss the technology used at their clinics. They want you to know that you’re getting the best care during your visits. Learning about the treatments you’ll be receiving is also a core element of being an involved patient. Take steps to learn more about your dental office and the care you’ll receive by scheduling a meeting with your dental provider today. Your teeth will thank you.