Do You Have These 5 Bad Dental Habits?

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There’s a lot of discussion about all the dental habits that are good for your health. The cornerstone is a healthy diet, consistent brushing, flossing, and mouthwash use. However, there’s less discussion about the dental habits that you should avoid to protect your oral health. Dickey Dental provides all our patients with comprehensive oral healthcare options, including patient education. We compiled this list of five bad dental habits you want to avoid.

Five Dental Habits To Avoid To Protect Your Teeth

Dental experts have identified five bad habits that many patients have that contribute to problems with their oral health. Some of these bad habits are simply a matter of poor behaviors that need to be corrected to protect your oral health. Others may be things you don’t even know you’re doing, and you may even think they’re helping your oral health!

  • Habit #1 – Neglecting To Floss – While many people keep up with their brushing habit, flossing can often be neglected. Flossing gets bacteria and food debris out of areas that your toothbrush just can’t reach. This helps battle halitosis, as well as reduce the occurrence of tooth decay in hidden spaces. You can help avoid this bad habit by keeping floss on hand and keeping it front and center in your dental hygiene kit.
  • Habit #2 – Overly Aggressive Brushing – While your enamel is incredibly durable, it’s still possible for your brush bristles to wear it down if you brush too hard. Avoid this habit by brushing your teeth gently but thoroughly and avoiding pressing down too hard.
  • Habit #3: Using a Hard Bristled Toothbrush – You may also be using a toothbrush that has bristles that are too hard. This is why most dentists suggest using a brush with soft to medium bristles and avoiding hard-bristled brushes. You can also make sure that your toothbrush is approved by the ADA, which has guidelines to govern the acceptable hardness of the toothbrush.
  • Habit #4: Using Your Teeth As A Tool – Our teeth are only intended for two specific purposes. The first is allowing us to properly chew our food to swallow it safely and get the most nutrients. The second is helping us speak. Outside of that, there is no purpose that our teeth were meant to be used for. Using them to open bottles, cans, or anything else can cause damage to our enamel.

Another problem that can cause complications with the health of your teeth is bruxism. Bruxism isn’t precisely a habit, but it is a subconscious behavior that is often the cause of excess stress. Bruxism can be severe enough that it causes the enamel to wear down, teeth to crack, and can damage the joint in the jaw.

Get Help Breaking Your Bad Dental Habits With Our Team

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