Artificial Intelligence In the Dental Office

Digital Technology

Preparing to perform a dental treatment requires the dentist to be familiar with the most minute details of your case. Intraoral scans, radiography, and facial scans provide essential information about oral health. The dentist can miss certain details with so much information presented to them. Dental-focused AI Imaging software has been developed to help ensure your provider knows everything they need to about your health to proceed. These programs sort through the immense amount of information delivered in these images and identify areas of concern for your dentist.

How Dentists Are Making Use Of Machine Learning

Some patients express concern about dentists relying on artificial intelligence in their care. It’s essential to know that dental AI will not replace your dentist. This technology is assistive in nature, in the same manner as robots used in surgery. Below we’ll show some ways that dental AI will assist in your care.

  • Detecting dental decay and periodontal disease – Dental AI is an additional set of eyes during exams. While your dentist is working on identifying existing concerns, the AI keeps an eye out for those they may miss. AI can compare countless factors simultaneously that may reveal oral health concerns before they appear.
  • Detection of oral cancer – While losing a tooth can be an unpleasant experience, oral cancer can be downright deadly. 2021 saw over 10,000 lives lost to a range of oral cancers. The survival rate of oral cancer is high when it’s identified early. Nearly 83% of cases identified early can be successfully treated. Currently, only 30% of all cases are caught early. With the assistance of dental AI, early detection rates are increasing.
  • Identifying the presence and severity of cavities – Cavities are the most prominent concern that brings people to visit the dentist. When enamel is lost to decay, it cannot be restored. This makes catching them early in their development essential. Dental AI can identify signs of developing cavities easier than ever. Dentists can identify and address them before they begin causing enamel loss.

These are just a few concerns that dental AI is helping dentists address. As technology advances, more uses will develop with it. There may come a day when the combined efforts of dentists and dental AI render poor oral health almost entirely a thing of the past.

Talk To Your Dentist About Dental AI In Their Clinic

Reaching out to your dental provider is the best way to know if dental AI is part of their standard of care. Every year more clinics worldwide are discovering how they can improve the effectiveness of their treatments with the help of dental AI. Schedule a visit with your dental provider today to learn more. Even with this advancing technology, you must take steps to preserve your oral health. This is how modern dentistry works to help you achieve that goal.